Friday, May 18, 2007

Ameslan = American Sign Language

I notice ASL has three different stands for. First, we know ASL = American Sign Language, other many of you know A,S,L stand for Age Sex and Location but many of them typed asl and last one ASL stand for has several or more (The Association for Symbolic Logic), (Acoustic Scintillation Flow), (Adaptive Systems Laboratory), (Aged Stock Ltd), (alternate sound of life), (American School in London), (Auto Service-Leasing) and more!

Maybe Deaf people will find specific American Sign Language alone word short is Ameslan vlog, ameslan video or anything you can search for but only using with ameslan. It will be more easier for all of us to search deafsphere on the net. Maybe ameslan might be useful on the net. We sign in the air and we still using ASL but typing shall be ameslan. Because it will be more easier for DeafRead, DeafVIDEO.TV and Podcast (iTunes) and deaf users of course!

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