Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Boys singing while using Sign Language for the Deaf

Deaf International Spanish 2007

"International" Sign Language

There is no "universal sign language" or real "international sign language." There is a sign form called Gestuno that was developed by a committee of the World Federation of the Deaf. It's not really a language, more a vocabulary of signs that they all agree to use at international meetings. But no one really signs Gestuno as a native language, just as no one really uses Esperanto as their native spoken language*. In Europe, because of the increasing trade and mobility, there is a lingua franca being developed, a creole sign language that some have taken to calling International Sign Language. But neither Gestuno or the new European creole are true natural languages from the linguistic perspective. Perhaps as a new generation of Deaf Euro-kids grows up, they will develop a new, natural Euro-sign language.

Best interpreter in the WORLD

Deaf Ninja

Deaf Ninja

Austin’s use of ASL Classifiers is superb! A must-see for anyone who is learning or knows ASL (American Sign Language)! I especially love how Austin moves his body and hands to look almost like he’s performing out-of-this-world Matrix-like movements! It’s ASL cinematography at its best! Austin, I applaud his work! It’s ingenious!

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